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Specialized Pro Seamless Underwear SLV wht

€ 44,90
Artikelnummer: 644-5846

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€ 44,90


In architecture, a building's integrity begins at the cornerstone, and in a way, a base layer works much in the same way for your ride. Whether you're layering for winter or keeping cool in the summer, moisture management plays a pivotal role in your maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature. So regardless of if you prefer the natural hydrophobic & antimicrobial properties of Merino wool or the technical, hydrophobic tendencies of synthetics, we have the perfect base layer for every condition to keep you fresh, dry, and riding happy.

Specialized Pro Seamless Underwear SLV wht

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  • Seamless construction of a fabric of Dryarn in polyamide and polypropylene, which is light, moisture moving, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and completely recyclable.
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Artikelnummer 644-5846
Kleur Wit
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€ 44,90